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Dear community,

due to a server fault caused by a high load average while migrating to a new company we were (and still are) experiencing some problems with the current instances as you might have noticed. We will utilize the coming downtime of the HotDeX exchange, which is required to fix this issue, to completely restructure and revamp our exchange to further improve the user experience. For this reason, we will shortly put the front-end into maintenance until we are happy with the changes.

In case you still have assets in the exchange, do not worry, we will keep our support units fully operational. You can reach out to us via discord, telegram or mail.

Please understand that we will take our time to make the changes and various improvements until we are truly satisfied with the results and therefore can’t give you any timetable informations.

Thank you for your support

In the meantime you can vote for projects to be listed on HotDeX v.2